Great Alar Ring

from 2990Р (14 hours) 12+

One of the longest, but not less interesting excursions to the forgotten land of Alar. On the way we will visit the Kazan church in the village of Telma - the most beautiful temple in the classic style in the territory of Eastern Siberia. Then we will get acquainted with the rarest monument of architecture - the complex of the Hajtinsky porcelain factory. From there we will have to go to the only tower in the world that is saved on its native place in the picturesque and cozy village of Belsk. The next point of the trip will be a visit to the house-museum of famous Siberian playwrighter A.Vampilov in the village of Kutulik. After visiting the museum, we continue our way to the sacred for Buryats Alaty lake. In the case of favorable weather and road conditions, we will take a trip to the village Golumet where will visit the majestic St. Nicholas Church – the twin brother of Irkutsk Kazan Cathedral.

Main attractions: Kazan church in the village of Thelma, Monument of industrial architecture Haitinsk porcelain factory, Watchtower of Belsk wooden fortress, Candlemas church in the village of Belsk, Old hydroelectric power station in the village of Upper Iret, St. Nicholas Church in the village of Golumet, house-museum of A.V.Vampilova in the village of Kutulik , Alar datsan Dashi Choihorling in the village of Kutulik.

Visit to the museum: State Museum of Local History in the village of Bielsk, House-Museum of A.Vampilov in the village of Kutulik.

The price includes:
  • the price of ticket to the museum,
  • rent of comfortable transport for 12 hours,
  • service of a qualified guide for 12 hours.
  • two-time meals at the territory of Usolye-Sibirskoe.
Restriction on age: the excursion is not recommended for persons under the age of 12 years.

Attention! The tour is carried out only from May 1 to September 25 due to unfavorable seasonal road conditions. In connection with unsatisfactory quality of roads on the site from  Misheljovka to Belsk, Nena-Golumet and Kutulik-Alyaty the excursion is carried out on buses with a capacity of up to 35 seats. With a small group (up to 5 people), the excursion is conducted along a more interesting route in the format of a jeep safari.

Price list:

Number of people in the group 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-10 11-13 14-18 19-23 24-32
Adult, RUB 27170 13990 9600 7900 6490 5550 4970 4700 4000 3240 3180
School, RUB 26980 13800 9400 7720 6300 5360 4780 4500 3820 3050 2990