Golden buckle of Transsib

from 8090Р (13 hours)

07:30-08:00 Meeting with the guide. Transfer to the bus.
08:00-09:00 Transfer by bus to the pier in the village Listvyanka.
09:00-10:00 Crossing with the ferry to Port Baikal along the source of Angara River.10:00-10:20 Visit to the Museum of the Circum-Baikal Railway (CBR) in Port Baikal.10:20-11:37 Departure from Port Baikal on a comfortable sightseeing train on the Circum-Baikal Railway (in winter excursion is carried out on a hovercraft). Transfer to the stopping point of Shumikha (102th km).
11:37-12:20 Excursion stop at the village Shumikha. Inspection of the Italian section of the Circum-Baikal Railway, passage through the longest gallery Shumikhinskaya, acquaintance with the "Italian retaining wall".12:20-12:40 Transfer to the stopping point 110th km (Polovinnaya).
12:40-13:23 Stop at the village Polovinny. Lunch at the locals cafe. Free time. On reqest, passing through the longest tunnel on the CBR or swimming at the sandy beach.13:23-13:52 Transfer to the stopping point 129th km (Kirkirey).
13:52-14:21 Sightseeing walk along Cape Kirkirey. Inspection the finish point of the constructing of Trans-Siberian Railway, passage through an abandoned tunnel number 18, overlook of the complex of retaining walls.14:21-15:28 Transfer to Old Angasolka station (149th km).
15:28-16:30 Excursion stop at Old Angasolka. Inspection of stone viaducts, walk to the Angasolka galleries. Upon request, a visit to the Nicholas Roerich Cultural and Exhibition Center.16:30-17:00 Transfer to the station Slyudyanka-1.
17:00-17:40 Inspection of the world's only building of the station entirely lined with marble, as well as the old St. Nicholas Church.17:40-20:35 Departure from Slyudyanka-1 station on the same train to the city of Irkutsk. Dinner on the train.
20:35-21:00 Transfer to the hotel in Irkutsk.

Duration: 13 hours.

Main attractions: Irkutsk station, Slyudyanka Station, St. Nicholas Church in Slyudyanka, Steam locomotive "L" series, Monument to the Minister of Transport M.I.Hilkov, Shaman Cape, Quarry "Pass", Kultuk swamps, Stella in honor of the 100th anniversary CBR, Gallery №17 "Angasolskaya 2", Gallery №16 "Angasolskaya 1", Children and Youth Mountaineering Camp in Old Anagsolka, Tunnel №38 "Small Persistent Bay", Gallery №15, Khabartui Tunnel Engineering Complex, Tunnel No. 33 "Big Steep Bay", Exposure of ultrabasites along the railway on 140 km, Tunnel No. 32 "Small Steep Bay", Geological monument "Letters of Nature", Sharyzhalgai Tunnel Complex, Gallery No. 12, Pillars Cape, Tunnel No. 26 "Pillars 2", Tunnel No. 25 "Pillars 1" ("Tunnel with foot"), Inverted bridge over the Shabartuy River, Big Belltower Cape, Tunnel No. 18 bis, Tunnel No. 18 "Kirkirei 3, Tunnel No. 16 of the Kirkirei, House of Michael Pistherevo in the village of Marituy, Tunnel No. 13 "Seagulls" (Tunnel of Desire), American steam locomotive of the "E" series, Tunnel No. 12 "Halfway", The Big Baikal Neutrino Telescope in the Ivanovka Deep, Gallery No. 8 Small Shumikhinskaya, The Italian retaining wall, Gallery No. 7 Big Shumikhinskaya, Big Shumikha Bay, Tunnel No. 11 Shumikhinsky, Tunnel No. 9 Bis (Birch Tunnel, Tretyakovsky), Water tower at Ulanov station, Abandoned "Italian wall" at 96 km, Retaining wall in place of tunnel No. 9 (Wet Tunnel (not saved)), Tunnel No. 8 Thick, Kotorzhanka River, Tunnel No. 7 Katorzhansky 2, Tunnel No. 6 Katorzhansky 1, Gallery No. 2, Place of the railway accident in May 1941 at Tunnel No. 5, Gallery No. 1, House of Valentin Rasputin in the village of Port Baikal, Water bottling plant in the village of Port Baikal, Station of Port Baikal, Natural monuments of the source of the Angara and Shaman-stone, Memorial stele on the site of the death of A.Vampilov, Cape Rogatka, Limnological Institute RAS

Visiting the museum: Museum of the Circum-Baikal railway in the village of Port Baikal.

Restriction on age: none.

The price includes:
  • All transfers by the program.
  • Individual excursion support during the whole trip.
  • Two meals during the excursion.
  • Entrance tickets to museums.
  • Recreational fees for visiting nature conservation areas.
  • Excursion on comfortable excursion train on the CBR.
Attention! The excursion takes place every day except Monday and Tuesday. The above schedule is valid for trips made on Thursday and Sunday by steam locomotive. A mirror route is possible with the beginning in Slyudyanka on Wednesday and Saturday. The changes are possible in the time of the excursion program, in the order of displaying of attractions, as well as in the order of stops along the route on a will of implementer.

Price list:

Number of people in the group 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-10 11-13 14-18 19-23 24-32 33-39 40-49
Adult, RUB 24190 16020 13290 11930 11110 10570 10480 10180 9730 9360 9160 9100 8760
School, RUB 23520 15340 12620 11250 10440 9890 9720 9500 9060 8690 8480 8420 8090