Baikal Mirages

from 2000Р (7 hours) 12+

Journey along the ancient Evenk road to one of the most picturesque places on Lake Baikal - the village of Bolshoye Goloustnoye - one of the oldest shipping centers. The place is covered with legends and legends. Many hundreds of famous scientists, writers, public figures have passed these places. Here is the place on Baikal where most often you can see an interesting optical effect - the golomenets. We will visit the shores of Baikal, visit one of the oldest churches of the Baikal region, and make a small hike along the picturesque forest path to the Dry Lake.

Duration: 7 hours.

The main attractions: Silver mineral spring in the village Khudyakovo, wayside cross on the mountain Snezhnaya, School local history museum in the village Small Goloustnoye, St. Nicholas church of the village Bolshoye Goloustnoye, Dry lake.

Visiting the museum: School local history museum in the village of Maloye Goloustnoye.

The price includes:
  • the price of ticket to the museum,
  • rent of comfortable transport for 7 hours,
  • service of a qualified guide for 7 hours.
  • one-time meals in the village of Bolshoye Goloustnoye.
Restriction on age: the excursion is not recommended for persons under the age of 12 years.

Price list:

Number of people in the group 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-10 11-13 14-18 19-23 24-32 33-39 40-49
Price for 1 person in rubles 19400 10100 7000 5970 4940 4250 3860 3430 3000 2500 2400 2120 2000