Orthodox Irkutsk

from 290Р (3 hours) 7+

Pilgrimage to Orthodox shrines of the city of Irkutsk. During the tour we will get acquainted with the life of ten saints of Irkutsk, as well as places that have preserved the memory of them. We will see those churches that fall out of traditional sightseeing routes. Our way will start from the Church of the Savior and the Epiphany Cathedral – the two main Orthodox shrines of the city of Irkutsk. Then we visited the Our Lady of the Sign nunnery of the city of Irkutsk and venerate to the relics of first saint of Eastern Siberia. Next, we will go to the suburb of Labor and see the most beautiful church in the city in the name of Kazan Mother of God, as well as the St. Vladimir's Monastery. From there we will return to the central part of the city of Irkutsk, and remember the lost churches of the city of Irkutsk. The next point of our route will be the Holy Cross Church - a unique monument of world architecture. At the end of the trip we will see the only marine temple in Siberia, as well as the only rotunda church in Irkutsk.

Main attractions: Savior Church, Epiphany Cathedral, Vladimir Church, Our Lady of the Sign Nunnery, Intercession and Candlemas Church, Kazan Church, Our Lady of the Sign Women's Theological School, St.Vladimir Monastery, Bishop's House, Church of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg, Transfiguration Church, Church of the Cross, St. Charlambos church, Trinity church, Church of Gregory of Neocaesaria.

Duration: 3 hours.

Visit to the museum: not planned.

The cost of the tour includes:
  • rent of comfortable transport for 3 hours,
  • service of a qualified guide for 3 hours.

Restriction on age: the excursion is not recommended for persons under the age of 7 years.

Price list:

Number of people in the group 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-10 11-13 14-18 19-23 24-32 33-39 40-49
Price for 1 person in rubles 5990 2990 1990 1830 1460 1220 1110 740 670 540 450 360 290