Irkutsk in the parallel of centuries

from 100Р (3 hours)

It is with this excursion that we begin our acquaintance with the Baikal region. Irkutsk is the spiritual capital of Siberia. One of the five oldest places of permanent human settlement on the planet. The marine city although not near the ocean. The city of contrasts, where the traditions of East and West are closely intertwined. A place that has been the center of science from time immemorial. The most educated city of Siberia. The center of the largest isolated area in the world in the past. A place blessed with the footsteps of ten saints and the talent of hundreds of writers, poets, artists, scientists and public figures. We will learn about the main points from its mysterious history, we will visit the most interesting attractions.

Main attractions: Church of the Savior, Epiphany Cathedral, the Eternal Flame Memorial, Veterans Avenue, Central Square Kirov, building of the City Duma, the Central Bank building, building of VostSibUgol, Memorial of Russian-Japanese friendship at the Kanazawa street, Bazanov orphanage, Irkutsk Art Museum, St. Charlambos Church, The building of the 9th Infantry School of Irkutsk, the Building of the Eastern-Siberian Railroad Administration, the old Metropol Hotel, the old Russian-Asian Bank, the monument to Vladimir Lenin, the Irkutsk Drama Theater named after Nikolay Okhlopkov, the Mansions of Michael Butin and Vladimir Rassushin, the Mauritanian castle, a monument to Alexander III, the White House, Alexander Square, the Institute of Noble Maidens named after Nicholas I, the Trud Stadium, the Irkutsk Philharmonic Hall, the Cross Exaltation Church, the Babr Monument, and the Irkutsk Sloboda (130th Quarter).

Duration: 3 hours, 5 km.

Visit to the museum: not planned.

The cost of the tour includes:
  • services of a qualified guide for 3 hours.
Restriction on age: none.

Excursion can be combined with a visit to: the Museum of Local Lore (+120/300 rub), Irkutsk Art Museum (+100/200 rub).  

Price list:

Number of people in the group 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-10 11-13 14-18 19-23 24-32 33-39 40-49
Price for 1 person in rubles 4000 2000 1300 1000 800 700 600 400 300 220 170 130 100