Moscow Compound

On the western side of Ivanovo Square is the former estate of the merchants Trapeznikovs (Proletarskaya St., 10). In 1798-1802, a stone house was built on this place by a merchant of the 2nd guild Stefan Fedorovich Kiselyov. On July 14, 1810, the estate passed to the merchant P.D. Trapeznikov, who broke Kiselev’s house and built a new one with side shops and cellars. After the huge Irkutsk fire of 1879, when the house burned out, designed by architect E.Y. Hoffmann reconstruction and superstructure of the third floor. The work was completed by 1885.

At this time, the house was already inherited by the head of Irkutsk, Vladimir Platonovich Sukachev, who transferred the building to the judiciary for free use. By order of Emperor Nicholas II, Irkutsk court orders were opened in this building on July 2, 1887 by the Minister of Justice by State Secretary Muravyov. The building has acquired a completely new look. At different times, the Moscow Compound Hotel, the district military headquarters, and, finally, judicial institutions were located in the main house. In 1894, a printing house of the Makushin and Mikhailov trading house was opened in the outbuilding.